Stylus Record On Location At St James Church

Stylus Productions recently teamed up with Streetfilms to provide location recording services at St James Church Piccadilly, London.

The brief was to capture a natural, ambient recording of a string quartet performance in the highest quality as the audio counterpart for a future DVD release. Considerations had to be given to how best to faithfully capture this dynamic and highly nuanced performance with a discreet, non-invasive solution that would not detract from the composition of the director’s shots.

We settled on a pair of DPA 4006 A omni directional microphones and one central Neumann U87 in a classic three-mic decca tree configuration suspended directly above the performance area on high tensile cable. This afforded us the ability to capture ultra-high quality, natural performance without impacting camera sightlines.

A dual redundancy multitrack set up inluding Millennium pre-amp stage and Lynx Aurora converters ran direct to disk, with a DiGiCo SD11 providing foldback to the performance area.